Our Company

Uptown Services provides skilled domestic technicians for your particular needs. We are trained to know and understand the composition of your building, how it is built and how it operates from floor to ceiling, systems and finishes. We use the best tools with the properly honed skills to perform the services required. We work in concert with your space. Adding furnishings and finishes, or attaching and modifying, we do it with care and expertise.

Uptown Services is a specially trained team of skilled technicians that are tuned to the domestic habitat in an urban setting. Our goal is to solve and satisfy the specific needs of your domicile, including assembly, installation, organization or other specialties. We arrive ready to complete your project, however large or small. We perform cleanly and effectively in a timely manor, with our proper tooling and techniques, giving you more time to enjoy your space.

Our Passion

As a group of specially trained professionals we anticipate the need for the moment and the future. We move with intention. By being efficient and skilled we make the most of our work with the focus on the client. We strive to be the best.

Our Goals

Our preparation for each step of every day is to excel in the services we provide. We look forward to create the higher standard of the industry. We are never comfortable with the status quo. We want to be the best.

Why Choose Us?

We are Specially Trained technicians for the client who is looking for the difference in performance.  We use uniquely designed equipment to set higher standards of service.

The thoughtful techniques of our services promote little to no waste. Our equipment is reusable from project to project. No boxes to buy or to throw away in our moving service programs. A clean and efficient process demanded by many but offered by few.

We are a company focused on the specific life style and location of the UpTown Residence. We bring expertise and knowledge that results in a positive experience. We offer quick response for the demands of the lifestyle.

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Telephone: 214-382-1177
E-mail: Contact Us

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